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Welcome to Rishikhola where
Mountain meets Forest
and Forest meets River

ver dreamt of a holiday filled with a bit of laziness, getting away of regular cell calls, busy meeting schedules read more
ishikhola can be reached From Kalimpong via Pedong or Rongpo in Sikkim. Its not too for from Lava , WB too read more
ush green forest, Hilly and slightly noisy Rishi Stream, beautiful Mountain Backdrop, various never seen birds read more
imalayan Birds like Himalayan Bulbul, White Capped and Plumbeous Water Redstart, Green Magpie, Great Barbet etc will welcome you with their sweet chirps at Rishikhola read more

Welcome to Rishikhola!

Rishikhola is located in the Kalimpong sub division on the West Bengal –Sikkim Border. The destination is gradually gaining popularity among the tourists for its unique location and picturesque scenic landscape. Topographically, Rishi khola marks the division between the states of West Bengal and Sikkim.

Rishi Stream with forest backdrop
Home Stay at rishikhola
Mountain & Forest with stream flowing by


JAN. 25, 2013
I must admit that the place had surprised me with its naturalistic surroundings. I went to Silk Route and stopped by for a day and now repennting that I should have had a couple of days more for this place

Deven Malhotra, Ahmedabad
Feb. 20, 2013
I had some other plan during my Lava Pedong Tour, I would like to thank Holidayhomeindia for recommending this place. Though I have to walk a bit, but the nature there, omg, its wonderful

Sujan Bose, Kolkata